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I have tried from the beginning and many times (for years) to work with my ex-cofounder and find resolution, but he refuses. I strongly believe it would be…

The original concept for Turntable (TT.fm) was created back in 2011, when I was VP of Engineering for a company called StickyBits, a QR code company originally started by Seth Goldstein and Billy Chasen. Brands could stick QR codes on their products and users could scan them for rewards. That…

Turntable is the Future

Turntable (tt.fm) isn’t about us. Turntable was never about one person or one ego, but it was always about the fans. It was always community driven, community moderated, with the community building tools and plugins and bots.

The all-new Turntable (tt.fm) is similarly not about our…

The True Story of Turntable (tt.fm)

Everything is going great with our beta on the all-new Turntable (tt.fm) which people have been testing since way back in 2020. I just wanted to quickly clarify some confusion related to a former colleague.

I worked with Billy Chasen back in 2011, when…

When I worked at Facebook, we had a saying: “this journey is only 1% finished.” This was meant somewhat literally in that when we had “only” 100 million users: we were only 1% of the way to having everyone who will be on Earth in 100 years (about 10 billion)…

Here’s a quick question: how far would you have to drive before you die in a car crash? Answer out loud to yourself before you look it up.

The dirty secret in the autonomous industry is that humans are actually incredibly safe. Most humans in a matter of a few…

Tesla detractors love to complain about how bad Autopilot is, how far it’s lagging behind Waymo. When using Autopilot, drivers must keep their hands attentively on the steering wheel at all times; it is so finicky, and risky. The visualizations on the dash jiggle frequently, indicating unreliable sensors. What the…

How to change global policy

You and hundreds of millions of people have probably seen this graphic I composed as part of a long research document.

How do you convince the mayor of Medellín, Colombia to require masks on public transportation? Also the Philippines and Tunisia?

How do you get the US…

Follow these rules to Crush the Curve

Discussion group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/640968383371577

***** Buy a cloth mask here *****

March 10, 2020

Rules based on real world experience in Hong Kong successfully curbing the coronavirus (in addition to the testing, tracing, and isolation that every government is already doing).

Venturing out into the World

01. Put on a mask before heading outside

Consider face shields, gloves, and goggles as well.

Masks work

The End of Corporate Greed or the End of America

There is a choice happening in 2020.

It is either death to profit-focused corporate controlled government bureaucracies, or death to the United States of America. This is literally life or death and will play out in next 18 months.


Joseph Perla

Turntable (tt.fm) CEO

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