The End of Corporate Greed or the End of America

There is a choice happening in 2020.

It is either death to profit-focused corporate controlled government bureaucracies, or death to the United States of America. This is literally life or death and will play out in next 18 months.

This is also the reason that the CDC and FDA’s responses have been so slow. It has cost lives. Corps and lobbyists need time to figure out how to maximize profit for their interests. They also use the pressure as leverage to get what they want.

Whereas pandemics need fast responses and no room for that normal process.

From David Grossblatt: “I have a sinking feeling that PPP funding is actually being held up by bank lobbyists who (a) don’t want to do these PPP loans and (b) don’t. want fintech companies to have access to their customers by being able to offer the loans . I am almost certain that this has nothing to do with more money for hospitals or city/states … most likely there is some lobbyist somewhere making lots of promises in exchange for holding off on more money until the banks can catch up or the problem goes away. This is how the sausage really spoils, not because of some legitimate philosophical difference but because of who gets what, when.”


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