Turntable is the Future

Turntable (tt.fm) isn’t about us. Turntable was never about one person or one ego, but it was always about the fans. It was always community driven, community moderated, with the community building tools and plugins and bots.

The all-new Turntable (tt.fm) is similarly not about our team but about the moments we create together. It’s about all of the fans I am meeting with 1:1 over zoom who want a way to meet more chill people in a supportive welcoming environment where they can be free to just be themselves.

It’s about meeting up with trusted friends while also welcoming new ones with our shared love of great music. I have spoken with many people who met life-long friends on Turntable. Imagine the connections we will make in Turntable this decade and in the future, forever.

It’s about reaching beyond the latest top 40 hits. It’s about playing that nostalgic memory from 20 years ago that pulls just the right emotional heart strings of everyone in the room based on the last joke someone just said in the chat. It’s about democratizing access to broadcast and DJs to even the smallest indie musician.

It’s about bringing the jukebox from the 1950’s back, connecting all of us to a shared creation we dance to together. But we want to put that jukebox everywhere, in every virtual space online, and every home, office, storefront, and radio. We want to give everyone the ability to connect every live event and music festival to virtual global audiences on Turntable.

The Internet promised a world we all create together, not where AI runs our lives choosing for us. Before the phonograph we played musical instruments and sang live with each other. Now my most talented friends are embarrassed to even play or sing a little in front of others, because nothing can reflect AI’s 256kbps digital marching order. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Turntable (tt.fm) we believe everyone is a DJ, and everyone can make music. We believe in human intelligence, not artificial intelligence. We envision a world where we reconnect to our shared humanity of dance, rhythm, and melody we create together as modern tribes. Because music is better together.



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